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Cape Cod Storm Preparedness Checklist

Cape Cod just experienced its third tornado in its history, catching residents and visitors to the area feeling completely unprepared for the storm. It is predicted that the upcoming hurricane season is going to be intense and it is just around the corner. Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming storms. Are you ready for a tornado, hurricane or nor'easter? Here is our Cape Cod storm preparedness checklist to get you and your family ready for the unexpected.

Be Proactive

Before a storm hits, it is important to evaluate your risk. Are there any trees hanging over your house or the power lines that could come down during a storm? The best time to take care of these potential problems is before you are left with a tree through your roof or down power lines leaving you without power for days. Cape Cod Tree & Landscape can come to your home to assess your situation and get you quote in a timely manner so you can be proactive and prevent any tree related emergency when the next major storm hits Cape Cod.

Phone List

Create a phone list of important numbers you might need during an emergency situation. Write down your family phone numbers, gather a list of local law enforcement numbers, utility company numbers, your insurance agent's contact information and emergency management offices. Grab a portable charger for your phone so you can stay updated in case the power is out and you can't get to your car to charge your phone battery.

Emergency Plan

You might be with your family members during an emergency or separated so it is important to figure out how you can all get in touch with one another and everyone is made aware of your emergency plans ahead of time. The 4 questions you need to ask yourself when preparing an emergency plan are: 1) How will you get emergency alerts, 2) What is the best evacuation route, 3) What is our family's plan for communicating and 4) What is the plan for shelter during the emergency. Consider what your family might need based on the ages and abilities of the people in your household. Create your own family plan on FEMA's website so you are ready for anything.

Pack for an Emergency

Depending on the situation, you might be confined to your home for a period of time or required to evacuate your home. It is a good idea to keep all of your important documents in a binder (such as birth certificates, social security cards, etc) along with your emergency first aid kit together in a backpack so you can take it with you to the basement or on the road to evacuation. Keep shelf safe food and water in a safe spot you are able to access during an emergency.

Preparing for a storm before it hits not only gives you piece of mind, but your family seeing how relaxed you are during an emergency will help them get through it easier as well. For more information on how to prepare for a hurricane, check out our blog "Hurricane Preparedness."

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