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Prepping for a Great Lawn Next Year!

Now that summer is but a fond memory and fall is speeding by, it’s time to put our lawns to bed for their long winter’s nap so they may wake up healthy and refreshed next spring.

Colorful leaves on the trees look beautiful, but when they end up on your on your lawn and in your gutters, things can get ugly! Leaves left on the lawn can deprive the grass of sunlight and airflow, causing it to be smothered and exposed to potential fungal growth. Leaves in your gutters can cause blockages, a place to breed mosquitoes if they are unable to drain water during the warm weather seasons, and ice dams in the cold weather seasons.

Another thing you can do to give your lawn a boost is give it a feeding. Fall fertilization provides an extra boost to give your yard a head start on a lush, green lawn next year. And lastly, a final mowing will help ensure that there will be minimal fungus infestations. Lower your blade to about 3 inches; a shorter lawn will allow better air-flow among the blades of grass.

Be sure to check out your shrubs and bushes as well. Do they need to be trimmed? Does the mulch around them need to be turned over? Mulch adds a protective layer over the plant's root systems, preserving them from damage during harsh winter weather. When the mulch is turned over, it “fluffs it up”, thickening the layer and improving its insulating factor.

Garden beds may need extra attention as well. Plantings may need to be cut back and the beds cleaned of sticks and leaves that have accumulated over the fall.

Does all this seem a little daunting? Cape Cod Tree and Landscape can give you a free estimate for a fall clean-up, leaf-mowing, you-rake-it-we-take-it brush and leaf pile removals and more!

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