We offer a varierty of services that include:


Spring & Fall Clean-ups


Lawn and Property Maintenance




Gardening, Weeding & Planting


Seasonal Displays, Barrels & Window Boxes


Tree Removal and Pruning






Brush Pile Removals


Snow Removal & Sanding Services


Firewood Sales and Delivery


And More.....

Landscaping Services

2019 Full Service Maintenance Packages:

Now offering our No worries, no hassle packages, sign up for inclusive packages for lawn and property maintenance.


  • Platinum Package: Spring and Fall Clean-Ups, Mulching, Routine Maintenance and Gardening- trimming, weeding and light clean-ups, Seasonal Color for planters and window boxes, weekly lawn-mowing, lawn aeration and detaching, and snow plowing/winter outside property checks if within service area. 

  • Gold Package:  Spring and Fall Clean-Ups, Mulching, Routine Maintenance and Basic Gardening- trimming, light clean-ups and weeding, weekly lawn mowing, and plowing (if within plowing service area)

  • Silver Package: Spring or Fall Clean-Up, Mulching, and Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn mowing                                                                    

  • Bronze Package: Spring or Fall Clean-Up and Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing.