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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a Company Warranty?


At Cape Cod Tree and Landscape, Inc. we want you to be 100% SATISFIED with the results of our work.  If not are not absolutely delighted with our service, we will return to fix the issue- FOR FREE! We love what we do and value the reputation of our business.  Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction-LET US PROVE IT TO YOU!

We warranty and guarantee our services, excluding alterations or damages occurring after the service has been completed. (Material replacement warranty is per vendor policy/warranty.)  For planting, garden or lawn installations, please call or email to set up a proper watering and/or fertilizing plan for optimal results.

Am I Required to Pay a Deposit?

Deposits of 50% are required for jobs over $800 and the balance is due upon completion. To arrange other payment plans please make requests in writing with CCT&L, Inc prior to the start date. For jobs over $800, the 50% deposit is required prior to adding the service to our upcoming scheduling the service. 

For all services (tree, landscape, mowing, gardening, etc.) a valid credit card on file is requested.  Please call the office or use the customer portal to provide a card on file to get services started.

What are the Terms of Service?

Our 2019 Terms and Conditions are:

All material is guaranteed to be as specified.

All work is to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices.


Any alteration or deviation from specifications involving extra costs will be executed upon written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate:

Any additional landscaping labor, supervision and/or travel beyond what is outlined in the above contract will be billed per labor man hour plus materials, equipment and disposal fees at our standard rates. Labor does include transportation to and from the job site.


Tree service pricing does not include stump grinding unless noted.


Insurance: All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents, or delays beyond our control. Owner carries liability insurance. Our employees are covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.


Dig Safe and Property Lines: Upon acceptance of estimate, Cape Cod Tree and Landscape notifies Dig Safe of the upcoming project if needed and will not be held responsible for improper markings of utilities or water line, including irrigation system, invisible fence fences or privately owned utilities.


Any work subject to conservation, historic, town or government approval is the full responsibility of the property owner.  Cape Cod Tree and Landscape is not responsible for property line location.  All measurements are approximate.

Before and after pictures of the property maybe use for promotion.


Plant Installation Warranty: All plants, if maintained properly, are guaranteed after installation until the first frost. Plants are guaranteed one full year only with a full maintenance agreement with Cape Cod Tree and Landscape. Transplanted plants/trees are not covered under replacement warranty. 

Plants, trees and transplanted plants or trees are not guaranteed for flood, fire, wind, other natural hazards or owner neglect such as failure to water and are at owner's risk.  For planting or garden installations, please call or email to set up a proper watering and/or fertilizing plan for optimal results.


Lawn Installation: For lawn installations, please call or email to set up a proper watering and/or fertilizing plan for optimal results. Lawn installations are not guaranteed for flood, fire, wind, other natural hazards or owner neglect such as failure to water and are at owner's risk. 

How am I Invoiced and what are the Terms?

Invoicing Details and Terms

CCT&L, Inc. invoices weekly for Lawn Mowing and upon completion for Tree Services and Landscape Projects/Services.  All invoices are due upon receipt.  All accounts overdue 30 days will be subject to a $15 late fee or a 1.5% per month late payment charge, whichever is greater. Accounts 60 Days Past Due are set to Collections using a 3rd party debit collection agency or attorney. Upon default, Cape Cod Tree and Landscape will pass the customer's debt obligation to the third party for collection in which the customer will be liable for the debit owed, plus the 3rd party collection agency fees and reasonable attorney fees.


Please contact the office or use the portal to provide a credit card on file prior to start your landscaping, tree or snow removal services.


To better assist our customers we offer a free Customer Service Portal Website. From this website you can pay your bill, ask questions, request service, sign up for auto-payments, and report concerns. You can also see your account balance, invoice, and payment history.

For Lawn, Landscaping and Snow Removal customers, we utilize an Auto-Payment system. We charge the provided card one day after you receive the invoice (allowing customers a day to review and contact us if needed before the payment is processed).  *Please use the portal or call the office to provide a credit card in order to start your services.

How do I make Payments?

We accept most major forms of credit cards via the Customer Portal or through the emailed invoice link.   We also accept payments via VENMO.  Check payments are only accepted on a case by case basis with permission from CCT&L owners.


For Lawn, Landscaping Maintenance and Snow Removal customers we utilize an Auto-Payment system in which we charge the provided card one day after receiving the invoice by email.

What is included in a Clean Up?

Spring Clean Ups generally happen in the mid/late spring through early summer, depending on the weather that season.  Fall Clean Ups happen after the leaves have all fallen. Oak trees are the last to drop their leaves in our area, so fall clean ups on properties with many oak trees are generally completed towards the end of December or January.

A clean up includes removing leaves and debris off of the lawn and blowing out beds, lawn mowing (if applicable) and cleaning out gutters (if applicable).  We can also offer trimming services for perennials and bushes and shrubs while onsite for a clean up.  Clean ups are priced by hourly labor and dump fee for debris.

How often do you mow my lawn?

CCT&L offers weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing services.  Irrigated lawns are mowed weekly or as needed.  Bi-weekly lawns are scheduled to be checked and mowed if needed every other week.  The lawn crew is trained to check the lawns by reviewing the property and if it is not needed it be mowed they will "skip" the lawn and notify the office to schedule it to be checked the following week.  CCT&L only charges if the lawn has been mowed, but if the lawn is extra long due to excessive growth or from a requested skip from the customer, a double mow fee may be added.  CCT&L invoices for lawn mowing on a weekly basis.  Invoices are sent by email on Monday and the provided credit cards are charged on Tuesday giving our customers a day to review their invoices and contact us if necessary.  CCT&L GPS monitors their crews/trucks with date/time stamps at each property if you ever have a question regarding mowing times.  Our crews mow different towns and areas on designated days, we do our best to mow consistently on that day, though occasionally weather, equipment issues or staff illness may effect our mowing schedule.

What is included with Lawn Care/Lawn Mowing service?

CCT&L Lawn mowing crew will mow the lawn with a professional grade mower, "weed-whack" or string trim along the edges of the lawn and blow off hard surfaces (walkways, patios) to remove grass clipping or debris.  The crew can bag lawn clippings if requested (*please be sure to notify office or sales rep of that added request.)

Do you offer landscaping packages?

2020 Full Service Maintenance Packages:

Now offering our No worries, no hassle packages, sign up for inclusive packages for lawn and property maintenance.

  • Platinum Package: Spring and Fall Clean-Ups, Mulching, Routine Maintenance and Gardening- trimming, weeding and light clean-ups, Seasonal Color for planters and window boxes, weekly lawn-mowing, lawn aeration and detaching, snow plowing/winter outside property checks if within service area and a Lawn Fertilization plan.  See below for our sister company Lower Cape Property Management for winter home watch/key holding services.

  • Gold Package:  Spring and Fall Clean-Ups, Mulching, Routine Maintenance and Basic Gardening- trimming, light clean-ups and weeding, weekly lawn mowing, plowing (if within plowing service area) and Lawn Fertilization Services

  • Silver Package: Spring or Fall Clean-Up, Mulching, and Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn mowing

  • Bronze Package: Spring or Fall Clean-Up and Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing.

Is Stump Grinding Included in my Tree Removal?

CCT&L offers stump grinding and stump pulling services, but these services are an added fee.  Please call the office or ask our sales rep for pricing during the estimate.  At times stump grinding is completed on a different day than the tree work.

Where are you located? Do you have an Office?

CCT&L is located at 39 George Ryder Road in Chatham (next to Ocean State Job Lot and behind Meservey Shell Gas Station and Car Wash).  We encourage our customers to stop by and say hello.  Our office staff Beth and Danielle are here Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm.  Owners Chris and Virginia Smith are also there, if not with customers, and can be available by appointment.  Our conference room is also available for outside use.  We have hosted Small Business Marketing seminars and Local Association/Chamber Networking Events.

What type of Firewood do you have?

CCT&L offers Cords, 1/2 Cords and 1/4 Cords of Split Seasoned Hardwood.  Please call or email for pricing and availability.   We offer free delivery in the Lower Cape (Chatham, Harwich, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Dennis).  Delivery to other areas on Cape Cod start at $75.   We also have firewood for sale by the bundle on Chatham Rd in South Harwich, $10 per large bundle payable by cash.

How do I access my CCT&L Online Portal?

To access the online portal:

Upon acceptance of your estimate or as a new customer, a welcome letter will be sent by email with your log in information.  After the initial log in, select update contact information to select a preferred user name and password.  Also select update payment information to provide your preferred credit card for payment.  This can be changed at any time.  If you forgot your user name or password, please call the office at 508-255-2001 to change it.

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