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March Comes in Like a Lion...

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, and that adage has certainly proved true this year! Four nor’easters slammed Cape Cod between March 1st and the 22nd, wreaking havoc on our fragile peninsula as high winds, heavy rain and snow, and lunar high tides made worse by storm surges, brought destruction and widespread power outages to our area. The days following each storm were filled with the sounds of generators and chainsaws as residents coped with the aftermath.

Fortunately, more than 10,000 linemen from all over the US and Canada journeyed to the Northeast to help restore power. For most of us, the post storm(s) clean-up doggedly continues. While much of the damage has been addressed, even a short drive around Cape Cod reveals that there are still many downed or broken trees, and many fences laying on the ground.

Any company that does tree work has been inundated with calls, Cape Cod Tree and Landscape, included. We have tried our best to perform “tree-age” (triage) and tackle the most serious emergencies first (i.e., trees on houses and vehicles), even if it means just getting the tree down on the ground and removing it later, so we can make sure that trees are not left in precarious positions.

We understand that customers are stressed and would like to start post-storm clean-ups as quickly as possible, and that some customers, whose work had originally been scheduled before all these storms set in, have had to wait longer for services. We deeply appreciate everyone’s patience. This has been a trying time for us all. Our crew is working diligently to get to each job as expediently as possible. We would be most grateful for your continued patience.

Hang in there! Summer weather will soon be with us and these March nor’easters will be (almost) forgotten.

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