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Fall Cleanups : Give Your Lawn a Head Start for the Spring

Cape Cod is in the thick of the fall season, is your lawn ready for the season ahead? Many people think that the end of the summer months means the end of their lawn and garden maintenance. However you need to prepare your lawn for the winter and growing season ahead by scheduling a fall cleanup. Have the professionals at Cape Cod Tree & Landscape come to your home and draw up a free and no obligation estimate today. What is involved in a fall cleanup of your property? Here are the services that we provide to our Cape Cod customers to prepare their lawns for the spring growing months.


With all the fall leaves and debris that come with the fall season, cleaning out your gutters is a very important and sometimes overlooked task. Cleaning out your gutters prevents future problems such as ice dams, mosquitoes and your gutters pulling away from your home. Ice dams are when water builds up in your gutters because of clogged debris. Ice dams cause water to overflow into your home causing damage.

Leaf Removal

Leaves on your lawn could create big problems for future grass growth. If leaves are left on the lawn, brown patches will form, killing the grass. This is because the leaves deprive the grass from sunlight and thee grass will suffocate due to the lack of oxygen. Moisture from the leaves sitting on the grass through rain will hold moisture against the grass, which will create fungal growth. This is another big problem for the grass.


Grass growth is slowing down, but it is important to get one final cut. Make sure that the lawn is cut shorter than usual, about 3 inches long in order to protect it from the elements. Fungus can develop on the grass if it is not cut short to the ground.


Protect your shrubs and bushes by tidying up the branches and trimming them back. It is important to prepare for the ice and snow by trimming the branches now before they are damaged by the elements and able to produce again during the spring season.

Tree Work

Do you have trees that are hanging over your property that you are concerned with? Have Cape Cod Tree & Landscape come out and check them out before the harsh winter storms hit. Dead trees are a huge problem on the Cape right now, especially with all of the recent gypsy moth activity, so find out if you have any trees that need to come down before mother natures takes them down with a storm.


Spring time is not the only time that you need to fertilize your lawn. It is important to fertilize your lawn in the fall in order to promote growth during the spring growing season. Cape Cod lawns flourish when given the proper attention and nutrients to give it the best head start. Feed your lawn with the proper fertilizer before it hibernates for the winter months so that it can wake up ready to grow in the spring.

Extra Hints

Cape Cod Tree & Landscape has a fall cleanup package that fits all of your lawn care needs. Some clients have extra needs to ensure success for their lawns and gardens that you can add on to this package. Turning over mulch is another service that can be added to the fall cleanup. Mulch plays an important role in preserving roots so they can withstand the winter weather. Turning the mulch before winter prevents fungal growth, protecting the roots from potential damage from the fungus.

Fall Cleanups

Taking care of your lawn one last time with a fall clean up from Cape Cod Tree and Landscape will give your landscaping a head start for the spring growing months. Tuck your lawn in for its long winter nap, so it is ready to produce and grow in the spring once winter has passed.

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