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10 Landscaping Tips for a Small Yard

Cape Cod is not known for having a lot of space. We are a small sandbar surrounded by amazing ocean views. Due to the limited space in the summer paradise, most homes have small yards. Small yards means limited landscaping options, right? Wrong. Great things can come in small yards. Here are 10 tips to wow the neighbors with your small yard landscaping.

Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are not just for windows anymore! Look for flower boxes that rest on your deck at any garden center. This allows you to add color and surround yourself with the aroma of fresh flowers while entertaining by surrounding yourself with flowers along the railing of your small deck.

Vintage Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of space in your home, they can do the same for your outdoor space. Hanging a couple funky, vintage mirrors from your fencing will reflect green space, instead of solid fencing.

Invert Your Garden

Some plants are able to be grown by hanging upside down, such as strawberries and tomatoes. Hang your plants in order to save space in your yard and add more green with little pops of color from the fruit to your space.

Spiral Garden

Build your own spiral garden to add flowers and greenery to your space while still saving precious real estate in your yard. A corner spiral garden featuring flowers and herbs is a beautiful and functional way to decorate your yard.

Mobile Garden

Platform gardens are very popular with gardeners. If it’s difficult to commit the space for a garden, consider making your platform garden mobile. Simply build your platform garden and put wheels on the bottom. This gives you the freedom to move your garden as necessary when guests come over or as needed.

Mason Jars

Plant your herbs in mason jars and hang them with little nameplates to label which herb is which. Hanging them outside convenient for you to pick is a beautiful and functional way to grow fresh herbs.

Stack Planters

Stack terracotta planters on top of one another and plant various herbs within each planter. Label each pot so you know which is which, and create a conversation piece when friends visit.

Mini Storage Shed

Most storage sheds are too large for a small yard. However, with a yard no matter the size, you have equipment that needs to be used to maintain it such as mowers, rakes and shovels. An easy way to repurpose old materials and save some money is to make your own. One idea is to build your own small storage shed and re-purpose old doors to give you the storage you need without compromising your yard with a large shed.

Modular Deck Tiles

Small yards need decks too. Modular deck tiles give you the ability to have a deck in a small yard. Just snap the pieces together and enjoy time on your new deck eating dinner and entertaining friends.

Save Water

Save money on watering your garden by installing a small rain barrel on the corner of your house. Your new greenery does not have to cost you to maintain it if you collect the rain water and use it to feed your plants. Check out our blog about rain barrels here.

Landscaping Tips for a Small Yard

A small yard does not mean that you have to miss out on some fun and unique landscape designs! With a little imagination you can transform your small space into a peaceful retreat.

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